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Input Sought on Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Care Coordination for CSHCN LogoDr. Martin Blair, Executive Director of the Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities and team of pediatricians received a Phase 1 award for the U. S. Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s Care Coordination for Children with Special Health Care Needs Challenge. According to the release from the Health Resources and Services Administration, the award offers the opportunity to compete for additional funds to develop “technology-based solutions to help families of CSHCN (children with special health care needs) coordinate the care their children receive from a variety of health care professionals and specialists”.

passport screenshotThe Montana team will use their Phase I funds to pursue development of the web-based Pediatric Medical Passport, or MP2, an app to improve communication between healthcare providers and families of CSHCN. The pediatricians saw a need for a communication tool while providing care to CSHCN in Montana, a vast state with areas of limited medical options. The app would help communicate a patient’s medical information when the primary care doctor is not available, or when the child needs to be seen in an ER or urgent care setting.

Currently, the team is reaching out to families and providers to learn about their experience accessing or providing care for CYSHCN. The information shared will assist with the development of the Medical passport. If you are a caregiver of a child with complex health care needs, or you are a medical provider, please take a few minutes to complete the survey so your perspective and experience can guide the building of this tool. The survey includes an opportunity for caregivers and providers become part of a statewide advisory board.

Caregiver survey

Provider survey

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