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Website Accessibility

GOV.UK Blog Accessibliity: Does and don'ts on designing for accessibility

Teach Access Initiative -

Web Content Accessibility Guidlines (WCAG 2.0)

The Accessibility Project - A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier (

Web Browser Tools for Testing Accessibility:

Vischeck's Color Blindness Checker:

Web Accessibility Toolbar - Accessibility toolbar for Internet Explorer

Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar - Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

Color Contrast Analyzer for Firefox - Color contrast analyser for Firefox (PC and Mac)

Fangs - Text-reader emulator for Firefox (PC and Mac)

NCDAE video: Identifying Web Accessibility Issues

Web Sites for Testing Accessibility:

The Accessibility Cheatsheet

W3C - Easy Checks - A First Review of Web Accessibility

W3C HTML Validator - Validates your HTML coding

W3C Link Checker - Checks to see if there are any broken links

W3C CSS Validator - Validates your Cascading Style Sheet code

WCAG Contrast checker - Checks for compliance with the contrast levels, brightness and shine in the color combination of foreground and background of textual content based on the requirements of WCAG 1 and WCAG 2.

Colour Contrast Check - Web page for testing foreground and background color choices

Color Blindness Simulator

Cynthia Says Portal - Online Web accessibility evaluation tool

WAVE - Online Web accessibility evaluation tool

AChecker - Online Web accessibility evaluation tool

Make Wordpress Accessible

Keyboard Navigation

Other information for Website Accessibility:

The A11Y Project

Simple Accessible


The Enabled Web -  Smart analysis simplified

WordPress Requirements for Accessible Themes

Alt Text resources

VA Section 508 Newsletter Summer 2016

Map Accessibility


Fact sheet and other resources:

  • Some important aspects of accessible maps include keyboard focus, color and contrast, text within map needs to be able to resize.
  • A good approach to alt text for maps is to say in the alt text the name of the map and then “long description follows image.”  In the long description, take as much text as needed to describe the important aspects of the map.
  • Different browsers and different screen readers will work differently in terms of accessing accessibility features.  Don’t assume that if it works in one combination, that it will work in other combinations.
  • To be accessible, all actions need to work with keyboard, mouse, or touch (phones/tablets).
  • is keyboard accessible.
  • For more complex maps, use a table of data instead of a long description.