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Rural Institute and RTC:Rural presents at University of Montana's DiverseU

Geographies of Disability: Deconstructing Spaces and Places of Power and Exclusion

9:10 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Presenter: Lillie Greiman, Tannis Hargrove, Bob Liston, Andrew Myers, and Craig Ravesloot | UC Theater

The experience of having a disability is unique, and people don’t always associate it with marginalization. This session will highlight the disability experience and how our culture permits ableism, isolation and subjugation of people with disabilities. The session will use a geographic lens to explore how many of the spaces and places in our world create disability and how we can shape landscapes that promote inclusion rather than exclusion.

Abuse Against People with Intellectual Disabilities: A Dialogue with Self-Advocates, Researchers, and Service Providers

2:10 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Presenters: Jason Billehus, Chris Clasby, Kimmie Garner, Becca Goe, and Rosemary Hughes | UC 326-327

This session will explore the complexities of human experience by delving into what it means to have an intellectual disability in the United States. Through the inclusion of personal testimonials and research-informed findings, this session will promote understanding of a historically and currently marginalized community. It will also address the specific challenges and barriers people with intellectual disabilities face in relation to their personal safety and well-being. This session will allow members from the University of Montana, the disability community, and the Missoula community to come together to learn about issues facing people with intellectual disabilities and how participants can help address these realities.

Recovery & Resilience of our Military Veterans

The HHP Mind-Body lab, UMVETS, and The Red Willow Learning Center are bringing Dr. Daniel Libby* to Missoula and UM to present a campus talk on Mindfulness titled: Recovery & Resilience of our Military Veterans on October 7th at 7:10pm at the UC Theater.

For his campus talk Dr. Libby will review some of the issues facing our military veterans, the limitations of traditional evidence-based treatments, and how mindfulness and yoga are being used to build resilience, aid recovery, and promote reintegration among veterans, their families, and their communities.

*As an alumnus of UM, Dr. Libby conducted his post-doctoral research at Yale University and developed the Mindful Resilience Training (MRT) program for Veterans. MRT is an evidence-informed, clinically tested program that was developed specifically for veterans recovering from posttraumatic stress and other psychological difficulties. The program is the subject of two clinical trials and was developed based on feedback and data from hundreds of veterans and active-duty service members receiving treatment at residential and outpatient treatment programs.